Valentines Day Ideas


Since it is Valentines day this coming Sunday I thought I would share with you what I have planned, and maybe help you come up with some ideas!


Valentines for me and the BF isn’t a huge deal because:

  1. Christmas and then my birthday and then valentines are all super close together and spending so much money in that short amount of time is silly
  2. We would rather just spend the day together enjoying ourselves than stressing over these huge plans that require a strict time line
  3. Doing valentines day in Toronto is hella expensive. seriously. wtf.



This is only our second valentines together and last year we didn’t do much either. We went out to our favourite sushi restaurant (the day after actual valentines day). This year I decided I wanted to make it a little more special since I have my own place in the city now. I am going to surprise him! (and don’t worry, he won’t see this in time to ruin the surprise) I have decided that I am going to make one of his favourite meals, fettuccine alfredo with chicken and garlic bread. All this time I do not trust myself to make the sauce from scratch so, the fancy jar will have to do.

I will also have made conversation heart sugar cookies (totally stole the idea from cookiesPinterest) and my standard beautiful cupcakes. I confess these are not just for us, we are having lunch earlier in the day with good friends so these desserts are also for them. I will post pictures later of how they turn out! Fingers crossed this does not turn into a big Pinterest fail 😦


I am also going to have candles every where and make it moody and sexy, there will be wine and mood music (reaaaalllllllly feeling pillow talk by Zayn, it’s super sexy but not in a really gross way). When boyfriend comes over there will be dinner waiting with the mood set, we will have a couch fort to watch a movie and snuggle (with more wine, obvy) and there will the surprise of  under garments purchased for the occasion for the adult fun times that will happen later 😉 So basically we are going to hang out at home, with good food and wine and just enjoy our time together.

New_bear_close_1024x1024I usually also get him something small like underwear. hahahaha but seriously, I get him a couple pairs of nice underwear from like Calvin Klein or whatever and then it replaces the old ratty pairs he currently has. It’s a win-win, I like the new ones and he needs the new ones. I only get the 2 packs cause it less expensive and then its not like I am making it suuuuper obvious that I think he needs new under wear hahaha

Last year I got him a little basket of stuff he was going to need for our date. I got him gum, deodorant, chapstick, mouth wash and condoms. It was inexpensive and funny AND the stuff I got was actually useful #winning . Honestly, valentines does not have to be all about huge romantic gestures, or spending tons of money. I just like taking time to appreciate my great relationship.

And for all those who are single TREAT YO SELF. Self love is so so important so don’t forget about YOU! Pamper your self and do what ever you want that makes you feel good. Valentines day should be happy and relaxing, so surround yourself with positivity and good vibes. Don’t be bitter and mean just because you feel like you have been left out it’s not worth it. Before I met my guy I would just spend the day pampering myself and then I would have a date with my girl friends, I had so much more fun with them than sitting at home being a grump.

love-yourself-quotes-20150125163444-54c51b242d740   treat yo self

I hope you all have a happy and love filled valentines day!




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