Happy Birthday To Meeeeee!

It’s my birthdayyyyyy!


But if I didn’t have those number balloons does that mean I even had a birthday? HOW WILL PEOPLE KNOW?! HOW WILL THEY KNOW HOW OLD I AM? OR THAT IT IS MY BIRTHDAY?

Kidding, it was my birthday this weekend actually. I turned 24 this weekend! Holy shit i’m getting old. Like an actual adult. Dear god. Hahahaha. I wanted to share my birthday celebrations with you! I’m not a person that has huge parties, I prefer to spend time with my close friends and family as opposed to spending it with people I hardly know.

Since I haven’t seen my mom since Christmas, I decided to go back home to spend my birthday with her and and celebrate the birthday of my dog as well! I am 100000% serious, that my dog and I are born on the same day. I was 12 and when I can home from school my dad told me that the puppies had been born and the breeder emailed him telling him we are getting a male puppy! Now Sackett is 12 years old and still acts like he a puppy and I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Here he is modelling his new leather collar and new orthopedic bed

Now enough about my amazing handsome woofer. Before I went back home my boyfriend took my out for dinner to a nice restaurant. I got a great steak and a lovely dessert, and I got to wear my new “leather” pants. They made me look like a badass biker bitch and I loved every minute of it. It also helped that my man also loved the pants on me too 😉 . He did get me a few surprise gifts that I didn’t get to see until I came home and I have to say he did really surprise me! When I came home I was surprised with a new area rug (which I reallllyyyyy neeeded) which he picked out al by himself and I have to say it matches the furniture very well. He also got my a new microwave, which some of you may think is stupid but it works amazingly well and I did need a new one. The new one is smaller and sexier looking. Finally, he got me a new betta fish! I had said I wanted one but hadn’t gotten around to it and he surprised me with one in a lovely bowl! We named him Panther Lily.

When I went home, I told my mom explicitly that I didn’t really want gifts. She had spoiled me at christmas and there wasn’t anything that I was in desperate need for. All I wanted to go out for dinner with her and for her to make me a cake!  We went to a new trendy restaurant downtown and it was amazing, Diane’s Fish Shack in Kingston. Go if you’re ever in town. After dinner was the birthday cake made by my mom, and was the family classic, the BFCC and it was perfect. I honestly had a really great low key birthday and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Obviously I really want to spend time with my friends as well but now that we are older and don’t all live in the same area it makes it a lot more difficult in past years. Where you would just say it’s my birthday meet me at the bar at whatever time. So it will be late birthday celebrations but still worth it.

I also may have treated my self to some birthday goodies as well. I got my Sephora birthday gift, which I will be reviewing in the next coming weeks, some blundstone boots, and the sexy pleather pants. I do not regret anything and love all my purchases.

All in all, I call this birthday a success and I can’t wait to see what year 24 has in store for me!


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