Ebooks vs Real Books

I absolutely LOVE reading. I can read all day. Literally. All. Day.

I got my love of reading from my parents. they both really enjoyed reading and passed it to my sister and myself. I really love the feel of a book in my hands and the turning of pages and seeing how far of the story that I have read and how much more there is left to read. I was really skeptical about ebooks when they first came out but real books is the coolest.

Kobo_touchMy mom was the first person in my family to get the digital ‘ebook’ the Kobo. Which is the Canadian version of the kindle, or whatever else there is. My mom swears by hers. I saw her using it all of the time and how convenient it was. When ever she would travel she would take it with her and I have to say I was a tad jealous because her bag would be a lot lighter than mine and she would have so many more ‘books’ with her.



Most people worry that the back lighting on something like this would be damaging on the eyes but I really have to say that I have never really found that to be a problem. I do wear glasses but that is unrelated … mainly from eye strain from sitting in the back of a lecture hall and then using my computer to take notes… I was a great student. Anyway, I only ever had an issue with the kobo and its backlight when I was out in the direct sunlight. I have one of the earlier kobo which does not have a  backlight that adjusts to the dark that I can read at night (which is a bad idea, always read with proper lighting).

From my experience I do really love my kobo. I love the convenience that it gives me and that I can have so many stories to choose from, which is especially good because for some reason I always seem to pick the story lines that have multiple books. Again, this is good because it makes by bags a lot lighter and means I can shove more clothes in my bag… I have issues over packing.6358003591553920311115829207_HARRY POTTER

But there is nothing that will beat the feel of a real book. I think I will always prefer real books but I would one hundred percent recommend the kobo….or whatever digital thing you chose to read on.




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