Tattoos & Body Art

I want another tattoo. dec7dc2a1356d15c5decfffba5f23ebf


I have tattoos, I am in 23ish (its my birthday in 2 weeks) and  I have 3 tattoos and 4 ear piercings. I used to have 6 ear piercings and a belly button ring but I decided that after a numbers of years that I didn’t want them anymore (not all at the same time) and am now in the process of letting them all heal over.

I got my first tattoo at 17, with my moms consent (she’s the coolest) and she actually came with me to the appointment and held my hand the entire time… so like 45 minutes. My sister had searched online and found a celtic knot (a trinity knot) that she liked and asked if i would like to get matching tattoos (matching tattoos with family are the only ones I think are a good idea EVER). I got the tattoo first, then my sister and after a couple years of nagging and questioning my mom finally caved and got it done to! So now my mom, my sister and I all have a the same tattoo on our wrists.

This is my process for getting a tattoo. This is something that you will have on you forever, and you should think about where you put it. As we get older our bodies change, in many ways and I know that I want mine to look good for as long as possible. And for the ladies, when/if  you get pregnant and your mid section stretches it can warp your tattoo to the point that it will never look the same (this is not always the case but can happen). These are things I take in to consideration when I want to get a tattoo (alllll the timeeeeeeeee).


Once I settle on a design I like I will think about it and the location for weeks, even months. If the design keeps changing then I wait longer to get it. If the design doesn’t change then I make the appointment with a artist at the shop. Also, my tattoos all have a very important meaning to me, but that doesn’t mean that they must all have prfound deep meanings some people choose to get them because they like them and that’s it (let’s not be to judgey here kay?).

Do your research on the shops that are around you, look at the reviews, ask people you know who have tattoos. A lot of tattoo shops have websites that feature the artist’s portfolios and picutres of their work. Then pick the artist that best suits the tattoo that you want. Some artists specialize in colour and old school, others in script or black and white portraits. So pick the one that fits the style of tattoo that you want.

When you make your appointment which you have to do in person, you also leave a deposit. This means that you are serious about getting it done and that you won’t waste the artist’s time by not showing up (and if you do they at least get some money). When it is time for the actual appointment make sure that you have eaten, and are hydrated. Also do not go when you are hungover or even drunk. Any artist that is decent will turn you away. Anyways, you fill out a form flash your ID and then away you go. The artist will create or will have already a stencil that will put a transfer of what the tattoo will look like on your skin in your desired location, then you should look in the mirror or whatever to see if you like the placement and what not. Once the artist is given the okay they will get started! HURRAH!

3340a792271b370ac76e42c76ba9c11779d10d12ad5e5958f0dbe436e290eb50_1The pain of a tattoo will vary depending on where you choose to get it done. As I mentioned before, I have 3 tattoos. One on my wrist, my ribs and the top of my foot. And out of those three I would say that the one on the top of my foot hurt the most. Also all of my tattoos are black, personally I do not want a colour tattoo. But who knows that could change.. you never know. I have been told that the needles used for black ink tend to hurt more, honestly I have no idea if that is true. What I do know is that the parts of the body with less tissue between the skin and bone hurt more… Like the top of the foot! And yes ↓ those are mine, please excuse the poor pedicure hahaha

Make sure you follow the after care instructions given to you! This will make sure that your new ink will heal up nicely, and most artists will offer free touch ups after you have fully healed… one of mine needs to be touched up but I have way passed the free offer 😦 .

As for piercings, again look for a well known shop. Known for being clean and having nice and friendly piercers. The number one thing to look for is cleanliness!!!!! When I got my my belly button done the guy was great, he explained everything to me (and my mom cause I was 16… she is actually the coolest like for real) about what he was doing and why and that every thing was clean. He marked it, then he froze the area, which apparently they don’t do anymore? I dunno. But he froze it then clamped it and pierced. I couldn’t see what he was doing because I had to lie back. But I had a really good experience and would recommend that guy to anyone!

The girl who did my inner conch piercing was also awesome. She talked me through the process and was just super cool in general. he one thing about this piercng is that because of where it is located it gets banged a bit. That and the fact that the catilage is thicker there means it can take a long time to heal and can give you the ‘bump’ when it does heal. Regardless, I still love it.


I know that tattoos and body piercings are not for everyone but I have really enjoyed the experience of getting mine. My artists have always been great. And I always make someone come with me because having a hand to hold makes me feel better. I have fianlly settled on the design.. more like script that I want and now it is time to make the appointment! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



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