Hair Must Haves!

These are the things that I use on a regular basis to do my hair and to take care of it I found that these are the must haves for my hair . Honestly I always have these things on hand and use them almost every day or a lot of days. Especially now in the winter when I am trying to keep ing hair from getting damaged in the cold and the heat styling. And no this isn’t just crap like bobby pins, and hair spray cause thats shit that every one has and clearlyyyyyy uses all the time or at least these are things that I thought were great and wanted to share.

1.The first and foremost greatest thing I have ever found for my hair,

This one adds even more volume (shhhhhhh)

which also contributes to my ultimate laziness is Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo has to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I mean I can not wash my hair and it is still clean and  it looks clean and its great. The brand that I use is Tresemme and they’re the amazingggggggg. I use this allllll the time, like every other day, because washing your hair every day is bad for your scalp and hair, unless you are incredibly sweating on your head all the time you really don’t need to wash it every day.


This smells amazeballs.

The next one is heat protectant. This is one that may seem obvious to a lot of you but it wasn’t something that I really started using a lot until university. For some reason I thought I had the greatest hair ever that didn’t get heat damaged. Clearly I was wrong. so so wrong. I finally invested in one of my own instead of using my moms when ever I remembered and started using it when ever I use heat on my hair and it really makes the biggest difference. The brand that I use is Vidal Sasoooooon, it’s a really fun thing to say. I find that it also adds some texture and volume and makes it feel all sexy and soft. The best part is that it sprays in a nice mist over the hair, compared other ones that jet stream out of the bottle and then only one patch of hair is protected.

3. The next one is one of my favourites for styling. And by styling I mean I

Little hair magicians

put it in a braid and I hateeeeee using the regular big elastics to tie off the end of it, it looks stupid and its wrapped around the end like a million times and just ruins the whole look of the braid…. or whatever else you want to do with it. They are great for helping with styling and i just love them. You can buy them in packs of like 100 and they last a while especially if you reuse them and don’t fling them across the room when you take them out like I do …….. oops. There really isn’t a brand that I use or prefer as long that they are one piece and no metal bits.


The smoothest hair evaaaa

The neeeext one is a hair mask. Since moving to Toronto and living here for a while last year I have come to realize that my hair gets stupid dry in the winter, so I invested in a hair mask to help prevent damage being done to my hair but also to help repair the damage. The one I use is L’oreal. I use it in the shower every few days (times I wash my hair) and it really helps to condition and moisturize my hair and the best part is, is that you can buy it at a  Shoppers and it won’t break the bank. I wouldn’t suggest using it every day, as it can make your hair heavy and feel greasier sooner.  It lasts a good while as well since you do not need to use a lot of it at a time. It makes my hair feel so silky smooth that I will actually sit and pet my own hair all day.

5. The final one is the ‘sea salt’ spray that I use in my hair. It smells like a

This makes you smell like the sexiest coconut

coconut heaven and works like a dream. It is from the Marc Anthony brand. It adds volume and texture and on days when my hair likes to cooperate it even looks like sexy beach hair. I love using it and then letting my hair air dry and just see what happens. With the texture and volume that are added from it I can style my hair more easily if I wanted to. And it doesn’t hurt that my boyfriend loves the smell of it too, and who doesn’t love when their hair stuff smells great which makes you smell great.

These are things that I haaaaaaaaaave to have in order to do my hair through out the week (when it’s not in a ratty bun on top of my head… or under a hat). They make my hair look and feel so much better! Please share your recommendations if you have any! 🙂




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