Holiday Baking!

Like a lot of people this time of year my kitchen has been over run with cookies! It is something that my mom, my sister and I love to do! And we have finally figured out the best way to do it and not have too many cookies at Christmas… (according to my mother that is a real thing).

My mom makes these amazinggggg empire cookies, my sister does the so loved and so classic sugar cookie, and I have found a really good recipe for chocolate gingerbread!

This year I was also giving cookies to some people as gifts so there is a bit of everything being made, but the big one was sugar cookies and the gingies. Since I made the gingerbread from scratch, I took the lazy way out and made the sugar cookies from a pre done mix where all I had to add was an egg and some butter. But it is the icing that is the harder part for me this year. I’m trying out Royal Icing instead of the usual glaze-like icing.

Start of Decorating


To get everything I needed for the gingies I went to Bulk Barn, which is so dangerous and so so amazing. I can buy as little or as much of something that I need. So instead of having a large container of molasses that would harden in my cupboard, I was able to get the perfect amount and not have any left over. Now I like the chocolate gingies better because they are softer and I find the colour more striking, and they are also hella delicious.

I need to work on my piping skills …

Obviously I found the recipe for the cookies on Pinterest because where else would you find it, duh. It lead to me this amazing recipe  at Good Life Eats, and I will %100 use it again next year. I also found this super easy to follow and not at all scary to attempt recipe for Royal Icing at Life love and Sugar.

The best looking gingie there ever was 



My kitchen was a disaster from this but it was so worth it (hence my blog name.. I make a lot of messes), the cookies turned out so awesome, not only do they look good but they taste awesome!

This week is just crazy with work and travel and christmas all smooshed together. But I have to say that my time in the kitchen baking as made me feel even more at home in my new place than ever. Slowly but surely I am building up my kitchen with all of the tools and appliances that I am used to (except for the kitchen aid stand mixer… cause I’m not made of money).

I hope every one has a wonderful & safe holiday !




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