Christmas in Toronto

Since I moved to Toronto and it is the holidays I have been told by multiple people that the I haaaaaaavveeeee to go to the Christmas Market in the Distillery District. It is done every year and I have to say from the photos that I saw of the previous years it looks so adorable. It is the IT place to go on obnoxiously adorable dates with your loved ones.

IMG_3019I went last weekend with my boyfriend and he was amazing at putting up with me and all the gross coupley things. Since we did go on the weekend we did have to pay admission to get in but it was only $5 per person so it wasn’t too bad. If you do go during the week  it is free just FYI. When you get in you are given a map that tells you where all the attractions are and how to get there.



The biggest attractions are the beautiful and incredibly large tree which is next to a few rides like a carousel and ferris wheel. There is of course a place for everyone to meet santa and for the adults there are plenty of areas to get cider and mulled wine which are the greatest thing to have on a cold day.

FullSizeRenderMy only regret is that we went during the day and so we didn’t get the full effect of the lights. But other than that I had a really great time! We walked through the whole market, I took a lot of pictures and we looked in a lot of the shops there.We also picked up a new ornament for my little tree in my apartment. My favourite part was that there are these words written in lights that are associated with the holiday. There was also these snowmen decorated with the colours of all these different countries and “Merry Christmas” written on them in their languages.


This is my first Christmas in Toronto away from home, so it has been a very new experience. I mean I am going to go home for the actual holiday, but everything else is new. I would one hundred percent recommend that every goes and checks out the market, bring a friend or your S.O. or whatever. It’s super romantic and there are so many places to take the cutest photos as long as you have some one willing to be the photographer. Also these are iphone quality photos, I didn’t bring my good camera so I feel that some of these pictures just don’t do it justice.

First Christmas Tree!



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