My favourite things!

So sorry for not posting recently. I moved in to my new apartment and have yet to get internet! Thankfully I have people willing to let me use theirs 🙂

This is a list of my 5 favourite things at the moment! These are things that I feel like I can’t live without right now. Some of them are makeup and some of them are other things but I love them all and want to share them with you!

Burts Bees Chapstick

IMG_2962I cannot go anywhere without it. I have tried other chapsticks but they feel greasier or lighter so I end up using it more often and having to buy another one so soon. I love the way this one is a little waxier and it stays where I put and it my hair doesn’t get stuck in my mouth. AND it actually keeps my lips from getting dry even in the worst cold weather (I’m talking like -20). I go through about 3-4 sticks a year, and yes I actually USE THE WHOLE THING. I have completely used up a few of them instead of losing them which makes me feel like a huge winner all day every day.

Garnier BB Cream

This is something that I tried out in the fall and I LOVE IT. I’m still trying IMG_2963.JPGto find products that I like using on my skin. I was using a foundation in the summer but it was not agreeing with my skin so I decided to try a BB cream instead and see how that worked. I got one that has acne cream built into it and it works like a tinted moisturizer. My skin is a lot happier and clearer now that I have stopped putting such heavy make up on it and I still get the even tone look and some decent coverage from it as well. This is something that I like to use as an everyday foundation in a way and I have a powder mineral foundation that I use for better coverage. I only use a little at a time and I probably won’t need to buy a new until I need to get my ‘summer colour’.

  • I do get a bit shiny sometimes though so I may consider switching to a matte BB cream once this tube is finished

Hair Wand

IMG_2965I got this hair wand when I was in fourth year university. I knew someone who had one and they let my try it and I fell in love with it. My hair is very stubborn, and trying to curl it was a huge thing. I basically never curled my hair unless I had a professional doing it for me because they curls would fall out after an hour no matter what I did. I got this one from Walmart for like $20!! It is not the typical cone shape (which I hate because my hair always slides off) it is an oval or ‘eliptical shape’. I find that it gives the hair a more softer curl which is what I prefer. I also find that I can use it and not put any product or hair spray in it and I will still have the curls the next day. This also means that my boyfriend can touch my hair and it won’t be either ‘crunchy’ or ‘waxy’ which is a bonus. And yes I can use my flat iron to curl my hair but I like that wand as it gives better results and I find that it is less damaging than the flat iron or curling iron because I
don’t have to do multiple passes at trying to curl a piece of hair.

MAC Concealer

This is something that I found about 2 years ago. I was having some skin IMG_2964issues and I wanted to find a concealer that actually worked to cover the blemishes on my skin but the scars they left as well. My skin scars easily but then after a few months-year they fade away. I found this while watch a youtube video of a girl who demo’ed the product on her skin and I really liked how it worked. I decided to go to the MAC store get colour matched and try it out. It actually worked so well that on days when  my skin is behaving I only need the concealer and nothing else! My sister and my mom both really liked they way it worked when I used it so they actually bought it as well! The best thing about it is that I can build it up to whatever coverage I need. I could also use it as a foundation if I really wanted to. I go through a little bottle in about 4-6 months depending on my usage of it. It is ~$25 but I feel that for what I get out of it the cost it is totally worth it.

David’s Tea (allllll the tea)

IMG_2966I was originally going to only post about my travel thermos from David’s Tea but lets be real, I love everything about David’s Tea.The thermos was a gift from my sister and it is amazing. It’s almost too amazing. It keeps thing hot so well that I actually have to be careful when drinking out of it so that I don’t burn my tongue (which I have done on many occasions :() They have so many amazing teas and I am always trying new ones when I go in. Right now my new obsession is Matcha, but sadly my tin is almost empty which means I need to buy more! I am slowly building a lovely tea collection and I love they’re mugs and other goodies! I am one of those people that will drink tea and hot chocolate all year round regardless of the weather so David’s Tea is perfect with its seasonal teas!



What are some of your favourite things?!

And hopefully I will be able to post again soon!



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