Christmas Knitting: Mittens!

In the past couple years I have really taken up knitting as a hobby and I LOVE IT. That being said a lot of my friends and family will request things for birthdays and holidays in the winter. This means that I am usually knitting from the beginning of October riiiight up until christmas. This year I wanted to get a head start and so far … I’m still a little behind but better than last year! Yay for progress!

The project that I am working on right now are mittens for a friend of mine. I adore her and wanted to give her some beautiful mittens not just boring regular ones. So after hours of searching Pinterest (because obviously) (an amazing source of knitting patterns and even more amazing knitting community) I found the mittens that I wanted to make. The only issue, I have never attempted to do colour work before. But with the help of my mom, YouTube videos and a fair bit of cursing I was able to figure it out. The pattern I chose to do is Rigmor’s Selbu Mittens, and they are GORGEOUS.

Now I printed out this pattern to make it easier to follow and make sure I was on the correct row and doing the correct colours for each stitch. The instructions are very short and to the point, which is where I had a fair bit of confusion. This did not help with the choosing of the yarn either as people from different places refer to the thickness and weights in different ways.

Yarn Label
Yarn Label

So this is what I chose based on the information that I found. I also used 3 and 3/4 needles, double-pointed as you will be knitting in the round. Some people like to use the ‘magic loop’ but i find on smaller projects like mittens they are annoying to use. I chose these colours because I felt they were festive yet tasteful enough to be able to be worn whenever, but also very striking in contrast. (and please excuse the poor quality of photos, they were taken on my phone)

Yarn Colours and Needles
Yarn Colours and Needles

To start the actual knitting, you start on the cuff as per usual with mittens, they pattern is easy to follow and when you get far enough it really looks nice. Now when it says increase do it where it is marked, that is the start of the thumb gusset.

Left: Palm with thumb Right: band of hand design
Left: Palm with thumb                                  Right: band of hand design

These style of mittens don’t have a true gusset but we will come back to that. Now when you move from the cuff to the actual mitten you must pick a whether you are doing a left or right, this determines the thumb placement. Once you have finished the increasing, you have need to slip stitches on the a holder for the thumb. Then add stitches to replace those on the holder and then continue knitting. This was a real struggle for me. It is also suggested to do an “after thought thumb” but I was not comfortable with that so I chose this method. Once The thumb hole was done, the rest was easy.

Thumb hole has been created
Thumb hole has been created

When you get to the decrease at the top of the mitten MAKE SURE YOU DO IT EXACTLY AS IT SAYS IN THE PATTERN! Otherwise it will mess up the design on the mittens. When the hand is complete it is time to complete the thumb, which should be easy but you have to make sure the design on the thumb lines up with the part on the hand. I had to rip it out and do it THREE times before I got it to line up correctly. When that’s done, all that is left is to bind and weave in the ends and then you have some sexy mittens!

PicMonkey Collage

My project on Ravelry:

The finished product!


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