The Diva Cup

Diva Cup
Diva Cup

This may be TMI for a lot of you but I really felt the need to share my experience and my thoughts about this product. I first heard of the Diva Cup from my sister when she was in university and I was still in high school. She was explaining this new thing to me that she had heard about from her roommate and decided to try it and how she loved it and it was ‘AMAZING’. This was roughly 6-7 years ago, and now I have decided to suck it up and try it myself.

I know that the initial price of it is a little off-putting (approximately $40 all in) compared to the prices of a box of tampons or pads. But in the long run it will save you money! I highly recommend purchasing the cleaner that is made for it at the same time as well. When I bought my Diva cup, I went to Shoppers Drug Mart, and used a fair amount of my optimum points to reduce the cost.

Diva Cup with storage bag
Diva Cup with storage bag

I bought the cup right before my cycle or period was about to start, so I carefully read the instructions on how to use it properly and safely and left it in the bathroom until I would need it. Not long after it was time to use it and it was not easy at first. It is very different from anything I have used, and you will get even more intimate with your lady bits than you ever were before. During my first time using the Diva Cup there was a lot of googling on how to make sure it is in the right spot and how to keep it there. No matter what I did something didn’t feel right. This is when I stumbled across a forum that a lot of ladies had commented that they had trimmed the little stem on the bottom of the cup and then it was a perfect fit. However, by this point my period was over, thanks to the birth control pill which has drastically reduced the days of it. So I decided that for the next month I would trim the stem and see how that works out for me.


When I trimmed the stem it was a perfect fit! I absolutely have fallen in love with using the Diva cup and highly recommend it to anyone looking to try it! For those looking in to it, there are other brands of menstrual cups out there not just the Diva cup. And like me, don’t be afraid to trim the stem to make it fit to you, just don’t cut the cup! It needs to be able to create a seal in order to work properly.

Once I was comfortable that I had my cup in the right place I wore it all the time for everything. I wore it sleeping, in the shower, swimming, and vigorous exercising and there was never an issue with it! No leakage or uncomfortable-ness. I was able to leave it in all day, empty it at night before bed, sleep all night and empty again in the morning (rinsing each time it was emptied). When my period is over I wash it thoroughly and then place it in the adorable little bag that it comes with where I leave it in the bathroom until the next month.

Since I bought the Diva Cup I have used it four times and each time it gets easier and easier to use, and I continue to love it when I use it.  My sister still swears by hers and I think it is a great alternative to tampons! It is more environmentally friendly as there is less waste generated, basically ZERO risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) and more wallet friendly (in the long run)  since you won’t need to keep buying tampons or pads (or both) every month! I give the Diva Cup an A+ and would recommend it to anyone! There are other kinds of menstrual cups, so feel free to try them and find out what fits and works for you!



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