Life Changes and Updates

This would have been the update post on my fitness challenge but unfortunately life got in the way in both good ways and bad. I started off well but then I got a second part time job which set me back until I was able to figure out my scheduling things. Once that settled I was offered a full time job in my field that pays well! Which is pretty much like finding a unicorn. But this new job means I will be leaving home and starting out in a new city.

Again this means that something else is now taking priority over my working out, especially since I want to be leaving in about a week. I have been doing well when it comes to eating healthy (minus thanksgiving because PIE). I am no where I want to bed and that does frustrate me but it also motivates me for when I do get settled to push and work hard until I am where I want to be.

That new car feel

In more exciting news, I BOUGHT MY FIRST CAR. I actually bought it before I found out I got the job, so it worked out even more in my favour. I did by used as I am no where near willing to put my self into debt for a new car when I just got my self debt free. Even though it is a used car it works like a dream, is easy on gas and is cute and whips around corners like a race car. My mom bought a new mazda3 hatchback last year and I loveeeeeeed driving it, and after I came down from my Jeep dream cloud I found a used mazda3 sedan for a good price and in even better condition which is amazing!

My hope is to now share all my new adventures with everyone, when it comes to getting an apartment, budgeting, working out, and adjusting to actually being out on my own and knowing that I am the one that has to take care of myself and that I won’t be able to rely on my mom to bail me out (not that she needed to before). I am beyond excited to be moving out on my own and finally working at a big girl job in my field and I can’t wait to see what the future brings!



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