Finished Project: Purl bee wrap/ scarf

After a few months of work, the wrap that I have ben working on is finally finished!!! And just in time for the cool weather and beautiful colours of fall! I started this around the mid/end of July and I have to say that this was the biggest project I have ever decided to do when it comes to knitting. The pattern itself was easy enough to follow BUT the actual size of it was the hard part. Now it’s done I am in loveeeeeee with it!

This photo is NOT MINE it is from The Purl Bee website, as my wrap is not finished yet
This photo is NOT MINE it is from The Purl Bee website.

This photo was the inspiration behind the project, I found it on Pinterest (obviously) and searched everywhere until the found the pattern (which I have linked to at the bottom of the post) that went with it. I find a lot of knitting ideas and patterns on Pinterest and so far no fails (fingers crossed). I did choose my colours based on those in the picture and matched them as close as I could from the local yarn store. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy the merino wool from Purl Bee (Soho) so I settled for an much less expensive but still very soft alternative.

The beginnings of the wrap/scarf
The beginnings of the wrap/scarf

This is what the start of the wrap/scarf looked like when I just started out. The total length of the scarf is about 80 inches or roughly 6’6… or about a foot longer than I am, which I feel adds to the cozy factor. This is only 3 colours in and there are 9 total, going from black all the way to a bright pink in an ombre style gradient. This is a ‘seed stitch’ style knit. and for those of you who don’t know what that means don’t feel bad because I didn’t either until I googled it. Basically, it is when you have cast on an odd number of stitches and then alternate knit1 purl1 to the end of the row, you should always start and end with the same stitch. For this project I would recommend the German Twist cast on, and a just a regular bind off.

Close up of colours and sitches
Close up of colours & stitches
Finished wrap/scarf
Finished wrap/scarf

Now the only challenge I have with this wrap are trying find the best way to wear it and what to wear it with!

Link to Pattern: Seed Stitch Wrap


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