Camping Over Glamping

Since the summer is now coming to a close I felt that I would talk about one of my favourite summer activities, CAMPING! 🙂  Camping is something that I have been doing since childhood with my family and as I got older something I continued to do as a favourite part of summer tradition.

Now when I say camping, I mean CAMPING, like on the ground in a sleeping bag in a tent, no toilets or showers, no t.v.. My family liked to go as natural as possible with camping, which meant we didn’t do trailer parks or RVing. No offence to those who do enjoy doing that, but to me that is not camping, that is ‘glamping’ as you still have the comforts of running water, a bed, and electricity. My parents and counsellors at camp were always talking about the “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” philosophy about camping, ‘no-trace’ camping if you will. To me that was always important, the environment is something to be enjoyed and is part of the experience.


There is just something amazing about being so surrounded nature and being able to just sit and BE. Of course I always brought cards, a book, or thread (for friendship bracelets) to do as well, but there was never a time where I was camping and I was bored, which I find funny because when I am home there are times when I am surrounded by things to do and I am VERY bored. Camping is one of the best ways to see the world and to reconnect with nature and disconnect from all the craziness and technology that has become a natural part of our daily lives.

My favourite park to go to is Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, it is just GORGEOUS and full of amazing picturesque views. It offers very isolated camping sites that make it easy to forget about other people. Which is a lot better than some other parks I have been too where I can see my neighbours from my tent…. which really defeats the purpose of camping all together.AlgonquinparkSign

Now some people may argue that trailer camping, or ‘glamping’ can be just a good as ‘no-trace’ but really … is it? You may not leave any garbage behind or take anything from the site, but it lacks the connectedness of tent camping with nature and the people you are with. Tent camping really forces you to plan ahead and pack light meaning you can’t take extra crap with you, and that you are basically forced to have real and meaningful interactions with your family, friends and fellow trippers.

Dr. Hodgins knows whats up
Dr. Hodgins knows whats up

That being said, for some people using a trailer is the only way they can camp and I totally support that, but please do not try to tell me that they are the same thing, and that you are ‘roughing it’ when you still have access to the basic amenities like a toilet.

IFHT- IF***INGHATETHAT have made a beautiful video that kind of sums up everything that I was talking about, it’s hilarious but so accurate in many ways.

Campers VS Glampers


Camping now and forever will be one of my most favourite summer things!

What are some of your favourite summer things?


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