Sunday Funday

Today is just one of those blah rainy days, just like yesterday. It’s days like these that really make it feel like summer is ending and fall will be here soon. And i don’t just mean seeing halloween decorations and soon to be christmas decorations in grocery stores, which I feel putting out in August is WAY TO EARLY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

So, it is days like today that are grey and cold that I feel like baking and crafting my little heart out. Todays projects were: peach pie, chocolate cupcakes, knitting scarf/ wrap.

First up was the pie. I had bought a basket of peaches and quickly realized there was no way I would be able to eat them all before they go bad, so clearly the logical thing to do was bake them into a pie. Sometimes I make the crust from scratch and sometimes I take the lazy route and buy pre-made ones. Today was the lazy day, as I was going to be baking other things today as well. The peach filling was basically the same as an apple pie with more flour added to it as they have more juice in them but still the usual suspects, (cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar,etc). I latticed the top of the pie to make it look fancy as hell and like I slaved away doing it, for some reason using a lattice pattern on the top of baked goods just makes them prettier in my opinion, and it just blows peoples minds.

Once the pie was perfectly golden and out of the oven it was on the cupcakes where i used the family and crowd favourite BFCC recipe. BFCC stands for Big F****ing Chocolate Cake, because we are a classy family like that. This cake is super easy to make and it was made even easier by the sexy kitchenaid mixer my

Close up of piping (not from today but they look the same)
Close up of piping (not from today but they look the same)

mom has. This cake has a really runny batter but it keeps the cake from drying out after you have made it. I also find that using foil cupcake liners keep them fresh longer as well. I am really good with the making of the cakes but when it comes to the icing I struggle HUGELY, so I usually just buy the pre-made whipped icing from the store and use it to decorate. Once they were out of the oven and sufficiently cooled I iced them with a little rose piping that I learned from watching a youtube video, and with a large star tip.

This photo is NOT MINE it is from The Purl Bee website, as my wrap is not finished yet
This photo is NOT MINE it is from The Purl Bee website, as my wrap is not finished yet.

When the cupcakes were done and iced all classy like, it was time to continue my knitting project that I started about a month ago. I am by no means an expert knitter, that would be my mom. But she has taught mea lot, and this wrap pattern that I found on The Purl Bee was super easy to follow and absolutely gorgeous looking in the photo. The colours that I chose are pretty much the same and I am just over half done after a month of working on it. I can’t wait to finish it and wear it and make everyone jealous.

Here is a picture of my labours in the kitchen.. and after I cleaned up the mountain of dishes I created in the process. That is a cup on pumpkin chai from David’s Tea to add to the coziness and to enjoy with baked goodness. IMG_2827I hope you all have had a good weekend and were able to stay warm and dry!


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